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Akashic Records

Are you ready to let go of the baggage that you've been unnecessarily carrying in this lifetime? Are you ready to stop being a victim and start taking responsibility for own your soul's evolution? If yes, you can claim your power back with insights from the Akasha.

Akashic Records is a cosmic or metaphysical 'library' or 'energetic database' that contains information about every thought, emotion, feeling and experience of every soul that has ever lived. Accessing the Akashic Records can provide insights into past lives, personal growth, and spiritual understanding. 


For a reading, please use the contact page here to reach out for further details.

What My Clients Say

Anisha Rajani

"The experience with Swati was delightful. She was brilliant in her analysis. Very astute and bang on!! Very calm and soothing in her way of dealing with me."
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